Play Batman-Arkham Asylum With Cat Woman [New Code]

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He has many names: Bruce Wayne, the Dark Knight, Defender of Gotham City, the world’s best detective, and even Match Malone. Guess about someone talking about?That’s right, the good old Batman, the brainchild of artist Bob Kane and one of the most recognizable cartoon characters publisher DC Comics. It suddenly hit the stealth-action game from Rocksteady Studios, which just as suddenly become the most successful game of superhero in the history of video games and even got into the Guinness World Records. wonderful, really good quality and well thought-out game.You are waiting for spectacular fights with crowds of prisoners, and friends of the worst enemies of Batman comics.

Warner Bros. reported that Batman: Arkham City will follow a special code which will allow to play as Catwoman. For this character will be available four episodes total duration of about four hours and test mode Riddler’s Revenge. Code only put in a box with new copies of Arkham City – owners of used versions of the game have to buy it separately. However, you can save money and  the mission of Catwoman will be optional.


The official release of Batman: Arkham City on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on 18 October, but the owners of modified versions of the consoles Microsoft has can try a novelty – a pirated copy Arkham City yesterday appeared on torrents.


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