Pique and Shakira, Planet’s Most Intelligent Person

Pique and Shakira, Planet's Most Intelligent PersonNot only is the male elite female with outstanding talents, the pair Shakira and Pique are very smart people.Information from Colombia Reports said a new study shows that Barcelona defender Gerard Pique and singer Shakira are among the most intelligent person on the planet. Usually people consider to be the only intelligent normal IQ of about 90 to 110. So, with only 140, Shakira and Pique in the list of eminent persons which accounts for only 1% of the population worldwide.

This coincidence again asserted that “fate” between 35 years old singer and her poor young 10 year old players. Two people share birthday which is 2/2, and when her boyfriend Pique car accident on his way to focus in preparation for the flight from Barcelona to Germany in South Africa is far away, Shakira has almost been Professor e-bitten marine park while walking with his family.

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