Philips 3D Game 278G4, The Monitor to Play

Philips 3D Game 278G4, The Monitor to Play 2

Support for playback of content and titles in three dimensions, Full HD 1080p resolution (1920 × 1080 pixels) and number of ports. These are the strengths of the new Philips 3D Game 278G4, 27-inch monitor presented by the Dutch manufacturer with the release of a joint press release in the newsroom earlier. Sightings in preview between Halls IFA 2012 event in Berlin, the panel is on sale in the country from these days the price of 399 € (VAT included).

Particularly interesting is the envelope of technology Ambiglow , able to analyze the contents of the pictures displayed to project on the wall behind the screen (to be positioned at a distance of about 15 cm) a halo of light, so as to provide the player experience even more engaging. The package also contained the glasses needed for 3D , light to wear and that do not require batteries or additional cables.

Philips 3D Game 278G4, The Monitor to Play 3

Of note is the presence of the system Smart Bias , during movie playback on the wall creates a soft white light, so as not to strain the eyes of the user, ensuring maximum visual comfort. Smart-image Game Mode also allows you to quickly switch modes for maximum performance when games of any kind: for the first-person shooter, for example, will be enhanced tones Excuse while sneaking in a racing game the speed effect will be made in the best raising the refresh rate.

Nor must we forget the technology IPS that offers a very wide viewing angle, thus avoiding to force the user to sit directly in front of the monitor so as not to distort the images or unpleasant color changes. On the back panel there are three HDMI ports, a VGA analog input, four USB 3.0 slots and HDMI audio output for use with external speakers.

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