Performance of Nintendo Wii U Console was Lower than Expected

Performance of Nintendo Wii U Console

Nintendo Company forgotten how to make a good video game consoles. Their latest creation Wii could not be compared with similar performance from Sony and Microsoft, and now all hope for coming Wii U. However, video game developers argue that the possibility of a new console is not as high as we would like.

Employees of large game developer studios, for obvious reasons, concealing their names, have already experience the first few copies of the new console from Nintendo, and were not very happy with the results of verification. Portal TG Daily, contact them for more information, reported that most complaints it has caused performance Wii U. Developers have compared it with the current generation of game consoles from Sony and Microsoft, presented in the last decade, saying the Wii U did not even reach their level. Its hardware stuffing simply can not handle the schedule as quickly and efficiently, as does the Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360.

This means that at this stage of development in Wii U has only one advantage – a more modern design and an unusual stick, more like a tablet PC. Although it has two advantages, but very much doubt. Experts believe that it is because of this controller with touch screen, which in itself is quite expensive, Nintendo had to equip itself with the latest console is not “stuffing” to keep the cost of the entire set within certain limits. But the question is: do we need all of these gamers are fashionable accessories, when the console is not able to cope with the launch of toys are too advanced graphics? The answer is obvious, apparently, for all except Nintendo.

According to unofficial reports, Nintendo will no longer delay the release of the Wii U, and will release it this yearIn the U.S., the prefix should appear in the middle of November and December, closer to its citizens can buy and European countries. The cost of its new ex-Giant game industry has not yet reported. And by the way, it should be recalled that the Wii U will not be able to work with two touch-sensitive joysticks: one time you can use only one such controller.

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