Nightmare Busters, the next game for the Super Nintendo in 2013

Nightmare Busters, the next game for the Super Nintendo in 2013

Remember the ‘Beggar Prince’ ? If not (and did not push that link) I remember: it was a game for the Megadrive from Sega that came out a few years ago. But when the console was technically alive, but on the contrary. A more usual for another console SEGA , namely the Dreamcast, which is still getting the game (the next, the ‘GunLord’ by studying NG: DEV.TEAM), but that never ceases to amaze. Now what? Then comes the turn to the Super Nintendo , the brain of the beast, and this time with the so-called ‘Nightmare Busters’ by Super Fighter Team. Yes, the same studio that developed the title quoted at the beginning.

After you create games for the Megadrive, Atari Lynx or MS- DOS , Super Fighter Team ventures into this case with the Super Nintendo, and although more than one might think to see the name of his next creation, in principle does not seem to will be related to the saga of SNK ‘Beast Busters’ (remember that the sequel is called ‘Beast Busters: Second Nightmare’), although classified as “run and gun”. And that is unfortunately still do not have any pictures.

Despite this, Super Fighter Team have been overwhelmed about reservation requests, and re-enabled to have a number of 600. Each copy of the game take the cartridge format ( compatible with regionsPAL and NTSC ) with its cover in full color on it, an instruction book, also color, and a box to store both like any other brain the beast. And all new, no recycled materials previously used cartridges. All from scratch. So too will the price accordingly.

If we are residents of the United States, we will go for $ 68 (shipping included), whereas if we are out, the total comes to $ 75 . Booking and we can do, but honestly, for a lot of nostalgia that has involved, until we see the first images of this ‘Nightmare Busters’ (in theory will not be long for this in particular) it is best to wait. Because in addition will not be finished until 2013.

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