“Mass Effect 3” The First 15 Minutes of the Demo (Video)

'Mass Effect 3', the first 15 minutes of the demo videoThe fight against the reapers is nearing its end and only Commander Shepard is capable of leading the resistance and that things come to fruition. ‘Mass Effect 3’ will arrive on March 9 but in the meantime we can go quenching our thirst adventure through, for example, the demo that Electronic Arts and BioWare have released on Xbox Live.

Weighing almost 2GB and immediate availability to all members of Microsoft’s online service either Gold or Silver . Come on, you are already taking to go to give the button “download” and start to hit shots in the multiplayer mode that opens the franchise regardless of the type of subscription you have.Of course, users of PSN and PC will also be able to enjoy it in a very little, but if you desire consumes some users have already begun to hang the first 15 minutes of the show. 

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