League of Legends has Over 27 Million Players a Day

league-of-legends-1The popularity of League of Legends, better known simply as LoL , is growing among the community of video game lovers. PC gamers consider this one of the biggest titles of its kind among all known eSports , for its characteristic of being a free game, but with the option to spend money on any aesthetic thing. It is a Fre-to-play it right, and the community of LoL fans constantly demonstrates support.

LoL has “peaks” of players up to 7.5 million simultaneousToday, the developer Riot Games has released its latest report on the share of users League of Legends to demonstrate unrivaled growth. According to Riot, and are more than 27 million players enjoy LoL every day , a huge figure and showing strong growth compared to the filed in October 2012, at which time they were “just” 12 million players.

It shows the growth of over 100% of users in LoL just over one year. Not only this, they constantly have advertised “peak” of users, up to 7.5 million playing simultaneously , which also shows a significant increase compared to the 5 million simultaneous players who announced in March 2013.esports-2

ESports are not a fad, they are a trend that is on the rise for many years, and promises to do nothing but grow. LoL tournaments and Starcraft, for example, are among the most popular and sought after by fans of video games on PC, and even have a huge amount of viewers worldwide through services like Twitch .

So, LoL has annual revenues of no less than 624 million dollars , the second game Free-to-play in getting more revenue from their players, the best, as I said, is that it is entirely optional shopping or payments in LoL, since it does not affect the experience and skill of the player characters. LoL should be an example for all developers of Free-to-play titles , showing that there is no need to “bleed” a user to succeed.

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