“Lady Gaga” Not Only a Superstar But a Supper Human Being

Lady Gaga Not Only a Superstar But a Supper Human BeingLady Gaga worked on many projects¬†on the set of her “You and I” video.

In the group of fashion photographers Inez and Vinoodh not just shoot the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, who also worked on a series of fashion films.

Inez and Vinoodh were very inspired by the kindness of LadyGaGa. His love and care of whatever nature that surprise.They MTV News that,

“We did a study in a sty and worked constantly for three days. That comes on set and filming us and taking pictures,” said Inez. “The amazing thing is that the Lady Gaga, like herself in the character that is related to the video You and I, and pure, she is a very happy person and that the love of your life so much and she is really a super star is doing his job with full potential. She is a complete human being. “

“She’s a very nice human being, and that is the more ethereal side of her that is so sweet,” said Inez, too. “When you know you will feel that she is so real.

Confirm that it is working on another series too ..

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