Katy Perry Wants to Change her Hairstyle

Katy Perry is Not Satisfied with her Recent Hairstyle26-year-old  Katy Perry at the advertising company brand Scarlet Collection appeared with a short haircut. Although Katie loves experimenting with her hair and try different hearstyles but she says that this haircut is too bold for her and she is not ready for it.She said,

The image of Snow White is too different from my own, the singer says.  It’s a very short haircut. We made it inspired by the art deco era, with a slightly longer hear, it is the style of the 1940s.Furniture for the filming was also done in art deco style.  “I think this is too bold for my image .

adds Katy,

When I was 17 ,19 years old, I often wore a short haircut. I have a feeling that during the filming of advertising I was back in the days of my young  life. This is very cool! I think I’ll try this way again. But I think it is a long time I did not linger

Katy often experiment with their images. Recently, she even dyed her hair pink. But the beautiful brunette sometimes misses its natural lighter shade. She also said that she would be glad to try to create an image of the blonde hippie , with black roots. she says,

I would like to be a blonde .  I would have done long blond locks with black roots in hippie style.


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