Kareena’s Performance Will be a Shock Element in‘Heroine’

Kareena’s Performance Will be a Shock Element in HeroineMadhur Bhndarkar is very much excited with his upcoming film ‘Heroine’ and also with the performance of  Kareena Kapoor who is playing  lead role in the movie. Some days ago, he asked kareena to watch Angelina Jolie`s award winning  film  “Gia” for better performince in the movie,but kareena refused and  now it seems that Madhur is very happy with her acting . He says that Kareena’s Performance Will be a Shock Element in‘Heroine’ and the film will be fabulous and fans will like the movie.

The 43-year-old producer-director said ,

Her character Mahi Arora is very contemporary,  very hard hitting and very real like my other cinema. Kareena will definitely be a shock element to the people because of the way she has worked in the film . I am looking at the film because I know the story, I know the screenplay, I know the dialogues. She will be fabulous.

He also added,

“Heroine” is 25 percent over. The next schedule is in February, March and April and the picture will release in September. The way you people are waiting for the film, so am I. I hope it finishes really soon.



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