The iPod may have a Great Future in the World of Video Games

ipod-video1When Apple presented its financial results for the first quarter of fiscal 2014, broke several records in a surprising way. Got more than ever quarterly revenue in its history, and sold no less than 51 million iPhones and 26 million iPads in that short period of time. The timing could not be better for Apple and its range of mobile devices, and a very promising year for the company’s next. However, there is one exception: the iPod .

The Apple iPod family, revolutionary mobile device dedicated to music playback and depending on the model, any type of media, forever changed the way we listen to music , enhanced and catapulted an industry that was a slave of the CD, simply evolved .

The problem, so to speak, is that the iPod, for many, is no longer necessary . A device that could be used as entry into the world of iOS, but now reality is another: everyone wants an iPhone .

But the iPod does not have to die

With the iPhone, many no longer are required to iPodSteve Jobs at the time, and makes seven years when he was born the first smartphone from Apple, called the iPhone “the best iPod that have made” since assumed to be three devices in one : an iPod, a device to surf the Internet … and telephone. The latter, the most important, since Apple introduced the phone market.

However, and perhaps unintentionally, saw how the iPod we passed the background completely , the public now want an iPhone, not an iPod. The iPod Touch, how beautiful it is (and with a range of wonderful drums), has nothing to offer more attractive than a smartphone. Why do you want an iPod Touch if you already have an iPhone? for anything, and I know many people that they got rid of him when done with its first mobile Apple.

Reinventing the iPod, the solution

Taking the classic iPod as a separate device, and a model that will inevitably disappear sooner rather than later ( for how long? do not have a new one? ), we must focus on the iPod Touch , now in its fifth generation.

The iPod Touch has several advantages compared to the iPhone for those who do not want a phone:very affordable price ., extremely thin, versatile design and various colors and why it could not be redirected to other markets of the video game , is the most promising option.

We must keep in mind that iOS 7 introduced support for the controls and the external hardware in general on mobile devices of the white apple. This means that now, controllers or gamepads like Logitech or MOGA Pro is not a far-fetched, but feasible idea. And thanks to the new processors that incorporate the latest iDevices , the graphic quality and potential of iOS gaming continues to grow and improve.

The problem is that the iPod Touch has always been relegated, so to speak, in terms of hardware. Of course, this to keep their low price even incorporate a Retina display and other benefits that only the best phones may boast. But if Apple decides to bet a large scale in the world of mobile gaming , the iPod would have a bright future.

iPod Touch: Apple’s portable console?


So far the market for portable game consoles is completely dominated by Nintendo , the 3DS and even the last generation, 2DS . Remains far behind the PS Vita from Sony that, although it has its advantages and great potential, still has not taken off.

An Apple handheld console would be a success, and the strategy should be to redirect the iPod Touch this niche. And, we think, does not the iPod Touch is not a handheld games?

Yes it is, so many refuse it and laugh at the idea. The iPod Touch even has the Guinness record for most portable consoles sold in less time when officially, it is not.

A competitive price, good hardware and system improvements would make the iPod controls a large consoleMany mobile games to talk directly associate “Angry Birds” or “Candy Crush”, but this is a market that has evolved a lot in terms graphic engine and video game quality. Today we have titles like GTA: San Andreas , Infinity Blade III , Modern Combatand Asphalt eight exploiting the full potential of smartphones processors Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Apple simply has to move the tiles in the right direction, not to abandon the iPod, and exploit this range of devices in a market that is simply there, waiting for his move. Let’s face it, Apple has not fully entered the video game market that is not giving you. Se habla years an Apple console (like the famous TV that fails birth).Perhaps today considering the drop in iPod sales by over 50% in just one year, I will aim for that market.

I’m sure that by following a few guidelines, the iPod Touch would be a very competitive device and coveted in the world of handheld consoles:

  • A more current processor, do not opt ??for two or three generations ago about the iPhone
  • A system or method of better optimized controls (either on the device, or perhaps an official gamepad )
  • Promote, further development of quality video games for iOS
  • Maintaining a competitive price

Currently the iPod and can be used to play, but to emphasize the market for video games lead to full Apple to a new audience. This is a very economical device, entertainment versatile and we are simply not prepared to die. It can become quite a strong alternative to the portable Nintendo and Sony, at least for some time.

And who considers pathetic or crazy simple idea Apple can compete head to head with someone like Nintendo in the handheld market, I urge you to just remember how mocked the iPhone to reputable people like Steve Ballmer. ” A phone without keyboard? Crazy! “… And today, 51 million iPhones sold in just three months remind us that markets evolve, and trends change.


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