”Open Gangnum Style” Became the Most Popular in History of Youtube

''Open Gangnum Style'' Became the Most Popular in History of YoutubeAs noted by Forbes, Gangnam style clip was loaded only 132 days ago, but that did not stop him around by popularity clip Baby, laid out in the YouTube more than 2.5 years ago. On average, Gangnam style day gaining about 6.1 million views, according to the analytical portal ChannelMeter.

As at 20.10 MSK, clip 34-year South Korean singer Jae Pak Sana scored 80555000 375 views, while the clip 18-year Canadian, who has long been in the lead on this indicator, “earned” 803 732 000 561 View.

The number of “Likes” on which PSY ahead of its competitors in the last month, has reached 5,362,000 374 pieces. This record is already in the Guinness Book of Records as the most liked videos on Internet service YouTube.

Debut Pak Jae Sana in South Korea took place in 2001. Now, as the mega-popular, he lectured about themselves in English, appeared in leading American and British TV shows, going on a trip to Australia, France and Germany. Due to the worldwide popularity of PSY South Korea hopes to promote and popularize the Korean culture.

Clip Gannam style became a kind of caricature of the singer at the fashionable residents of Seoul Gangnam, where since the early 90’s is going to South Korea’s “golden youth”.

So dance with me:- Open gangnum style

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