Film Academy marked 8 Scientific and Technical Achievements

Film Academy marked 8 Scientific and Technical Achievements in FilmThe American Academy of Arts and Sciences, contributed eight scientific and technical achievements in world cinema, which will be awarded at a ceremony awarding gold statuettes “Oscar,” according to Thursday’s press release of the Academy.

Among the most outstanding inventions in 2011 noted academics design and engineering of high-speed digital camera series Phantom, designed for the production of feature films, the invention mikrovokseley and their integration into the professional program Mantra, which, in particular, allows you to connect visual effects with three-dimensional images like smoke or clouds .

Hollywood paid tribute to the merits of the new lens inventors ARRI Zeiss Master Prime, providing high-speed photography with excellent focus, corresponding to the standards of artistic photography, and the company FUJIFILM for creating black and white film ETERNA-RDS 4791, which allows to preserve the heritage of world cinema.

Only twenty-eight engineers, programmers, inventors receive a certificate and commemorative plaques of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts. Presentation of scientific and technological achievements will be held in Beverly Hills on February 11.

The most prestigious award – statuette “Oscar” – will be awarded only three of the creators of digital cameras Arrilaser Franz Kraus, Dzhoans Styurer and Wolfgang Riedel, who in 2002 had been marked by the Academy. Convenient, portable camera, which uses the mechanism of its three types of lasers that can significantly speed up the process and reduce the cost of production of the film.

The main ceremony, the – awarding gold statuettes for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography held on 26 February and will be broadcast live in 225 countries around the world, said academy.

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