FIFA Street Trailer Shows Different Game Modes, Including Futsal

FIFA Street Trailer Shows Different Game Modes including FutsalA new trailer for the reboot of FIFA Street was released by Electronic Arts , where Gary Paterson, creative director of the game, shows the various game modes. Among them are: Futsal, Panna Rules, Freestyle and Last Man Standing.

The Futsal finally returns to FIFA , bringing in a 5 vs 5 arena hall. The director said that although not very popular in Europe, soccer is strong in South America Mistakenly he says is the first time that the option appears in the series FIFA , but there have been Futsal FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 .

Panna Rules would be the equivalent of the Brazilian “golzinho”, usually marked by slippers.With a goal less, this mode has only outfield players, no goalkeeper. FreeStyle is similar to the mechanics of the former FIFA Street 2 . The goal is less valuable, worth scores made during the process.

Finally, a creative mode called Last Man Standing, puts two teams of four players on each side. This mode has a peculiarity: every time your team suffers a goal, it loses a player, until no one on one side.

According to Paterson, players can choose between these various modes, and can also customize your preferred configuration of departure, ranging from games to 1 against an even 6 against 6.

FIFA Street will be released on March 13, 2012 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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