The Famous Magazine Xbox World Reveals Details of the Next Xbox

One of the most famous magazines in the universe will end Xbox, Xbox World will close its editions but not before his junior numbers reveal all the details they know about the next generation of Microsoft’s console.The Famous Magazine Xbox World Reveals Details of the Next Xbox 1

As told to the people of CVG , Xbox World has been following every detail about the project called Durango (Xbox 720, new Xbox or the wish to call) for six months and if not this be a drastic change all details mentioned in this penultimate issue would become a reality and would be presented before the next E3 2013.

Xbox World reports detailing the next Microsoft console would be called simply “Xbox” (plain), would the next generation of integrated Kinect sensor, and also used now a Blu-ray reader.

On your hardware is little talk, a quad-core processor “each with four logical cores” and a fearsome 8GB of RAM , also as expected, receive their respective control upgrade and not too distant future They would add a augmented reality glasses.

The Famous Magazine Xbox World Reveals Details of the Next Xbox 2

All these details revealed by Xbox World must take them as rumors, as the company has not given many clues about a console prompt renewal for me still has more life to give. But on the other hand, knowing that some rumors published in the magazine have come true, as he says CVG , we can not pull this information without giving their respective place.

As a last detail, the images presented has been recreated by Xbox World gathering all the rumors about the next console from Microsoft, which until you have added a patented magnesium alloy VapourMG that has been used in the Microsoft Surface.

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