Demi Moore Saves from Anorexia

Demi Moore saves from anorexiaThe famous Hollywood actress Demi Moore, the head of which has recently fallen down a lot of trouble, went to an elite drug treatment clinic in order to improve her health. Artist forbidden to use mobile phone and look at the testimony of the weights.

Actress Demi Moore became a regular star-patient rehab center Cirque Lounge, located in Utah.Previously it had been clients of the actress Eva Mendes, Lindsay Lohan, Mary-Kate Olsen and others. This is a pretty enclosed area, located away from the city’s infrastructure. There’s an artist, who suffers from anorexia and addiction to drugs, undergoing treatment. We know that Demi is strictly forbidden to look at the arrow weights .

 “This is a common practice in the clinic – not to show clients who suffer from problems with food, the scale of weights. Weighing occur every day or even several times a day to make sure that patients do not continue to lose weight” – quoted hospital staff “Express Gazeta” . Doctors are making every effort to make their patients are not recorded on his weight, which can only worsen their precarious morale. By the way, Moore is now only weighs 45 kilograms .

An employee of the rehabilitation center said:

Demi is not abused, if she eats enough. She was surrounded by care and try to make her feel safe. Since it is also dependent on drugs and doctors are working on this problem.

 It is known that the celebrity will hold a clinic at least 60 days .

The fact that anorexia nervosa – a serious disease that requires long treatment. The patient may feel improvement in their condition after three months. While Demi Moore lives in a house, but soon it can be hooked another patient. The actress who talks little, she even took the phone that she was not nervous once again.


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