Who is Cutest baby, Beyonce or Daughter Ivy Blue?

Who is cutest baby, Beyonce or daughter Ivy Blue

Several sites have had the brilliant idea of putting side by side photos of the Blue Ivy just out with a photo of the mother, Beyonce , with about the same age. The combination is so adorable you just want to take, hear.

Beyonce small seems to have had a permanent expression of “jijijijiji” while Ivy Blue face somehow has to be thinking “yeah, subjects, I know molo thousand” . Funnier still is to see the differences between the photo of Beyonce with the baby , fresh from her beauty salon, and photo of Beyonce small with his mother . Clearly, the second is the typical spontaneous natural photo family album, and the other is ready to go. You can see the two in The New Blog Pink if.

Who is more like Blue Ivy Carter , father or mother? I think it has more than Jay-Z that Beyonce , just need to see her lips!


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