Brad Pitt Announced, his Marriage to be Held Soon!

angelina_jolie_and_brad_pittHollywood actor Brad Pitt said his marriage to the mother of his own children Angelina Jolie to be held shortly.Brad Pitt said that the marriage for him is an important thing.

Fans of the star couple have long lost hope that Pitt and Jolie to legalize their relationship. And then Brad Pitt gave an interview in which touched on all topics of interest such as a wedding with Angelina.The actor was in New York for the premiere of the film with his participation “Robbery casino.”According  Brad said, “It will happen soon.” How soon, though he did not elaborate.

In addition, to register their marriage, actors hurried their children. Moreover, according to Pitt, he suddenly has realized that it is time. After all, they created a family with children And yet,marriage means a lot to him After these words, optimistic fans of Hollywood couples will look forward to this event.

However, there are skeptical reporters who say so Pitt has once again attracted the attention of the public to their pair. In addition, his former wife Jennifer Aniston already full preparing for the wedding with Justin Theroux.

Whatever it was, but Angelina Jolie is already emblazoned on her finger a diamond ring worth 250,000 dollars.


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