Blockbuster Slump at the Box Office of 2012

A lot of The Hollywood movies were considered to be the killer of the box office in 2012 but these movies let the public down. we have a list of some of them .Hollywood,Movies

One for the Money

Premiere week: 27 January 01

Week sales: $ 11 million

One for the Money has the same fate as its title. Katherine Heigl romantic comedy has been neglected in cinema. This failure is not due to the fault of the beautiful blonde, because she kept the room was shown in the previous blockbusters. However, with modest sales of $ 11 million, One for the Money is the worst film so beautiful this time of the famous Katherine Heigl.Hollywood,Movies


Premiere week: 24 January 02

Week sales: $ 6.5 million

Despite the presence of the charming duo Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston, but Wanderlustnot escape this list and become the worst grossing movie of the week’s premiere in 2012.Revenue week released of Wanderlust only numbers extremely modest $ 6.5 million.Hollywood,Movies

John Carter

Release week: March 9

Week sales: $ 30.1 million

John Carter is one of the most shameful failure product of Disney. The company spent $ 165 million to produce the film, but the numbers in the beginning of the week did the manufacturer disappointed. John Carter using techniques majestic and beautiful cast, but that was not enough to save the story boring.Hollywood,Movies

Dark Shadows

Premiere week: May 11

Week sales: $ 29.6 million

Dark Shadows was a spray bomb. PR of Dark Shadows  was extremely spectacular, the cast appeared full name talent and led by a superb director. So that the manufacturer believes that the film will become a “super typhoon” when released. But, Dark Shadows unable to “explode” at the box office. Total sales to date of the film can not exceed $ 80 million.Obviously, Dark Shadows was a b ig loss for Warner Bros.Hollywood-flop-Movies


Premiere week: May 18

Week sales: $ 25.5 million

Battleship is expected to break the theaters in 2012, but the reality is not so. The strange thing is that the film is quite interesting, the cast is not bad, especially with the presence of the beloved woman known Rihanna’s music, but the movie is still not resonate in theaters and occupies a position in the list this book.Hollywood-flop-Movies

Rock of Ages

Premiere week: June 15

Week sales: $ 14.4 million

 Tom Cruise was not enough to save the Rock of Ages from failure. Movie was not eat a small amount  in the process of production, so that $ 14.4 million in the week the war has angered the boss.Hollywood-flop-Movies

Cloud Atlas

Premiere week: October 28

Week sales: $ 9.6 million

Budget to spend up to $ 100 million, so what Cloud Atlas obtained showed that the film is one of the saddest failure of the 2012 box office. Cloud Atlas with the appearance of the cast is extremely diaphragm coated, including the big names of Hollywood and the famous international actors, but it still can not be successful.

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