‘Battlefield 3’. Looping the Loop with a Headshot by Plane

Battlefield 3 - Looping the Loop with a Headshot by PlaneDeaths in the air ‘Battlefield 3’ tail are bringing. Which is not surprising, because they threw at fault in the two ‘Bad Company’ , although it appeared on the Battlefield 1943′ . Nothing new under the sun, in any case as long as there similar services like Youtube and we have seen feats of all kinds both in this series as in many others, seeing almost impossible deaths , or reserved for a fortunate few.

Among them, the famous death more for “top” of a plane , we have seen in a couple of times here, but death now goes further. How to infinity? No, we move on. The style is almost identical (a plane is chased by another and which goes before it goes out momentarily to take the shot), but the difficulty is much higher because the shooting is done with a sniper rifle. And yes, instant death is being shot in the head.

Incidentally, the author is the same as the other video. The advantage here is that we can stay with the other plane, and that gets hurt after the shot. But to see how many can do it, that’s another story. I for now or I wont. In my tank I feel safe.



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