Angry Birds Space Won Ten Million Downloads in Just Three Days

Angry Birds SpaceThe new version of the casual game Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space, won ten million downloads. This was reported in the official Twitter of the project. It also notes that this line has overcome the game in less than three days.
Angry Birds Space came out March 22. In it, as in the previous parts, the players need through a variety of birds hitting the green pigs. However, the action takes place in space, Space, and the trajectory of all living beings there affects gravity.

The game is available for devices based on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X. As reported soon after its release Vesterbaka Peter, director of marketing for Rovio, the developers are not going to release version of Space to the platform of Windows Phone 7. He explained this decision by saying that the release of the application for this platform would cost too much. However, the same day CEO Michael Head Vesterbaki denied the words and said that the game will be released for WP7, but the timing of release did not mention.

Finnish studio Rovio produces a puzzle about the “evil birds” since 2009. The first version of the game came out for the devices based on iOS, and later ported it to Android, PC, Mac and game consoles. In February of Angry Birds also become a game application for Facebook .

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