“Angry Birds Space” What will be New in the Game? [Video]

"Angry Birds Space" What will be New in the GameRovio, the Helsinki-based company responsible for the smash hit Angry Birds and its variations, had talked about Angry Birds Space last month. But at that time was just a teaser without any data about the game, and now the company has introduced the game all the way from the international space station. In the video you have just above you can see this presentation and, at minute 3, a brief sample of what will be the game.

Angry Birds Space will all know birds into space, where the pigs apparently have taken their eggs. There is no gravity, so you have to play with the pull of some celestial bodies to reach down to the pigs.The essence of the game remains, but a priori it seems to be a new challenge.

If they continue with their note Angry Birds Space will be priced at 0.79 euros on the App Store on iPhone and 3.99 on the Mac App Store, but need to be confirmed. What we do know one hundred percent is that the game will be released on March 22 for both platforms, and other systems. What budget should have allowed Rovio to record an announcement on the international space station?

Via: Rovio

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