Angelina Jolie, Threatened with Death

Angelina Jolie, Threatened with DeathAngelina Jolie and several members of the team of the film ” In the land of blood and honey ” received serious intimidation after presenting the film in Sarajevo on Tuesday.

I told  You There were things  directly and hung things online, “ said Angelina Jolie to British newspaper The Guardian . It revealed that a member of the shooting broke his car window and another was hacked his e-mails.

 The newspaper quoted outside Sarajevo reported that many theaters are refusing to put the film based on the Bosnian war 20 years ago. What bothers him the artist is to have people who are censoring their work “without having seen before. “

 “It is my certainty what worries me: there is so much hostility and aggression that do not know if they are prepared to see the movie, “ she said during a news conference. The BBC said on Wednesday that while the film was well received in Sarajevo, it was not the same in Serb areas of the country.


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