Adidas Under Cracker Attack of “Sophisticated Criminal”

Adidas Under Cracker Attack of Sophisticated CriminalAdidas site is offline  now  for several days due to an attack crackers “sophisticated criminal.” Unknown cause, unknown consequences.

Site by Adidas , in these minutes: “Due to technical difficulties on our website is currently offline . We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding “.

The cause of the problem is in a cracker attack whose nature is currently under investigation.

The incident kicked off on November 3, when for the first time the German company has noticed attendance do not want on their servers. The group speaks explicitly of an attack “sophisticated criminal” , thereby leaving leaked the idea of an attack of high-level organized with specific purposes and therefore clearly dangerous. Involved from the very first now the brand Reebok and various online stores affiliates.

At the moment there are no further details. What the group said it is only the fact that the site was taken offline as soon as there was news of the attack. The company assures users at this time explaining that they consider not having any infringement potentially dangerous for those who have left the company with their personal data , but before reporting pages online will be carried out further checks.

The attack does not seem to be in any way linked to any reprisals Anonymous, November 5 that for attacks heralded important of which, however, there was no news. The case Adidas is therefore a special case, however, whose nature is yet to be explored at the time.

 Source: BBC



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