10 Films so Complicated that will make your Head Explode

inceptionFor lovers of “incomprehensible film” movies that leave you confused and with many questions, and they are enough to discuss and talk for hours in order to try to understand the plot (like the great works of David Lynch or Stanley reason Kubrick), we¬†presents a list of the most complicated movies that will make your head explode.

In the film there are different genres that give life to our favorite movies, from intense dramas and more macabre horror, suspense and mystery to a thriller criminal, or a good science fiction movie. But between established genres we also find various works that end up being classified as cult films , geek movies and many more.

The incredible David Lynch Stanley Kubrick, some of the best films in history complicatedPersonally, I love a type of movie I, and many others, know as¬†“WTF movies”¬†, at least informally.

In this category we find complicated films that pose a headache for that look, when you try to understand them. Understanding what happened in those last two hours of his life, trying to understand the plot, the mystery between the writer and director had, or merely a message . transmit the movie David Lynch is famous for this, make films so complicated our brain may explode. In fact, we could make a complete article only complicated works of David Lynch films, the eccentric (and somewhat creepy ) manager.

So we collect 10 best movies of understanding complicated history, for all tastes, from classic and unforgettable to some recent masterpieces.

10: Donnie Darko


One of the darkest psychological thrillers I’ve seen in my life.¬†Donnie Darko (2001)¬†tells the story of a high school student who has visions about the end of the world and a disturbing, demonic and¬†creepyand deformed giant rabbit, called Frank, who is the one who warns Donnie about the end to come.

Donnie is haunted both his dreams and in reality this rabbit, Frank, but during the movie his visions become more solid and dark, while we, the viewers, we are confused without understanding what happens, if the rabbit is real or no, if the end is near, and finally witnessed a shocking denouement.¬†A work of art that I had to watch twice to “understand” in its entirety.

9: 2001: A Space Odyssey


Stanley Kubrick was a master, a large cinema, and each of his works is admirable. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) is no exception, in fact, is my favorite movie director and screenwriter. 2001 has an incredibly complicated plot and start incomprehensible, at least until very late in the film, perhaps, where the filmmaker exploits the potential of science fiction to show us his vision of the evolution and significance of humanity, in a shocking way and a great mystery.

Kubrick attended the science fiction author Arthur C.¬†Clarke’s screenplay for this film, and the result was masterful.¬†Travel from the beginnings of humanity to a somewhat utopian future, perhaps much to be eternal, and HAL 9000 will accompany us on this odyssey to any planet, anywhere in space.

Less Europe can take us anywhere but to the moon (or natural satellite) Europa Jupiter.



Before the name was associated with Christopher Nolan Batman, the writer-director was masterful and extremely difficult to understand how film¬†Memento (2000)¬†.¬†Known as “Amnesia” in Latin, is one of the most confusing movies I’ve seen in my life.

Memento is based on the story of Leonard, a man suffering from a strange mental condition of loss of short term memory, ie, it can only store a certain amount of memory, so the new will “erasing” the old (and not so old).¬†Therefore, it is tattooed and keep notes and pictures of things you really do not want to forget, all while trying to catch the man who murdered his wife possibly.

7:Mulholland Drive


One of the masterpieces of¬†David Lynch¬†, the filmmaker best known in the genre of “WTF Movie” (if such a thing exists).¬†Today I’ve seen this movie twice and still not understand it, it’s reality.¬†Lynch says that his work is divided into three parts to make a completely linear story, but full of confusion and mystery.

In fact, the mystery and illusion the film tells the story of a woman who survives a strange car accident on the road that bears the name of the movie moves Mulholland Drive (2001) , in the city of Los Angeles. However, after the accident the woman suffers from severe amnesia, so we treat the film is revealing in its own way, who is this woman and what is her story, as she discovers. Naomi Watts takes a masterful role in this film, and in fact, catapulted her to fame.

6:Tree of Life


Few films have stuck with temporary breaks me like The Tree of Life (2011) . In it, we witness (his way) the story of a family that suffers a tough loss in the 50s. From there, we will see the evolution of the eldest son of this family struggling to get a place in a world that is not as nice as I thought, as her parents try to approach him.

A drama with a lot of depth and a sad, dark story, which brings us to the present and past constantly, again and again, with masterful performances of Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and Jessica Chastain.



Solaris , the original made ??in Russia in 1972, not the remake U.S. 2002 is a science fiction film based on the novel by Polish writer Stanislaw Lem called. It is based on the journey of a psychologist to a space station in the distant future, to investigate why its inhabitants have gone mad. The film shows the complicated relationship in a future where humans are distant with each other, in addition to the difficult task of relating the unknown.

4:Fight Club


The life of an office worker changes dramatically when one day decides to shake up her life, because she met a strange character whose life is based on making soaps. Fight Club (1999) , directed by David Fincher, is a thriller full of action and psychological drama, although it seems to be based simply on an underground fight club where you will be punching and let off steam in the problems of our boring lives (or at least they show in the film), the reality of film transcends much more, telling the story of a person full of problems, insomnia and trauma that lives a very troubled life, and really does not know himself.



Christopher Nolan also returns to our list with another of his great works,¬†Inception (2010)¬†.¬†A movie with a plot as Creeper and whose end can be taken with different meanings for everyone.¬†In the film, Nolan shows us the story of an “extractor” man in charge of extracting memories from the minds of people while they sleep, they will be involved in a complicated murder mystery that will rub the limits of madness.

The most amazing thing is how the movie Inception based on dreams, and even dream we dream, so in various parts you will not be sure whether the characters are dreaming or awake.



Perhaps the least known of our list,¬†Primer (2004)¬†tells the story of a group of enterprising engineers working in a company by day, but at night the work to create their own technologies with the ambition to draw the attention of investors and debut in the market as the new Bill Gates.¬†However, in the process of inventing a new product the result is not as expected, and end up creating a time machine that will unleash a series of events and unexplained mysteries.¬†A must-see film for fans of the genre “WTF” or complicated movies.

And so, here 10 of the most complicated  films  in history  that will leave you confused with a lost expression on his face, and the need to see them again to find out what had actually happened or throw the remote control to TV screen.



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