Predictions for 2012 – Which were True?


A year ago we published 25 predictions for 2012, which were more or less serious. Today – one year later – we want to evaluate how right we were located. The system for the reviews we maintain: If a claim to have been met in full, there is a point, in part, from 0.5 or 0.75 points and not fulfilled, results in 0 points. The same system is also implemented in the last year.

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World`s First Cancer Drug Created Through a 3D Printer

World`s-First-Cancer-Drug-Created-Through-3D-PrinterA group of researchers from the firm Parabon NanoLabs has developed a new drug Created Through a 3D Printer to combat a type of brain cancer. What is unique about this drug is that it is the first drug that has been Created Through a 3D Printer, molecule by molecule by using a technique of self-assembly of DNA and this technique is  designed with a computer program. Scientists suggest that progress not only drastically reduces the time needed to create medicines, but also opens the door to entirely new drug designs.

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Interesting Facts About iPhone 4S 4

Interesting Facts About iPhone 4S

Interesting Facts About iPhone 4S 5

Once you bought an iPhone be sure you will automatically become lucky and successful, because you already have in your hands a smartphone that is irreplaceable in our lives and cannot be exchanged with any other worthy technical device. A mini-computer that is always with you and shares every moment of your life. And do not hesitate in these words, because not any other phone can offer such apps as iPhone does no matter wherever you are. These words are general for all the models of iPhone. But learning about the amazing features of IPhone 4S (the latest released version of iPhone), you will drop everything and rush to the store to buy iPhone 4S.

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