iPhone 7 Has Been Jailbroken By Hacker Luca Tedesco [Breaking NEWS]

Great news for jailbreak community; Italian developer, hacker Luca Tedesco has succeeded in jailbreaking iPhone 7. Let us know how he did this fantastic job?

Luca,is a well known hacker and jailbreaker who have shown his superb skills by showing his private jailbreaks for Apple lovers. This time he comes again with a picture showing his iPhone 7 with iOS 10 installed running Cydia. Recently, he released a video to show that he has jailbroken iPad running iOS 10, Luca again showed his great hacking abilities to please jailbreak community and no doubt he has a credit of being the first person who has succeeded in jailbreaking Apple’s new iPhone 7.

He announced this breaking news by posting a tweet from his Twitter account, with the tagline “obligatory cydia screenshot”, with an image showing a Black version of Apple’s new iPhone 7, identified as “iPhone 9,3”, running a version of Cydia shown as “Cydia 1.1.26 (en-us).”

But there is also a bad news for jailbreakers as it is extremely immpossible that this Italian developer will ever release the iPhone 7 jailbreak or his jailbreaking techniques to the public. Though Luca has proved a lot of times that that he is equipped with all required skills and technical approaches needed for finding vulnerabilities in Apple’s iOS platform, and then use these vulnerabilities to show a working jailbreak; he has also exhibited that he does this all just for his research into mobile security, and that he is absolutely uninterested in releasing his jailbreaks for entire community.

Besides this all, it has now technically proven that jailbreaking of Apple’s latest hardware of iPhone 7 running the latest firmware iOS 10 is technically possible and it is just a good news for jailbreak community. They can expect that it would be a great challenge for jailbreak teams, like TaiG or Pangu, to prove their skills that they can also jailbreak iPhone 7 with iOS 10 and can release their  method to all Apple lovers.

We hope that this will open the doors for other hackers to find vulnerabilities in Apple’s latest hardware and firmware and soon a public release of iPhone 7 jailbreak will knock at our doors.

Just stay tuned with us; we will inform you as any jailbreaker publicly releases his iPhone 7 jailbreak for you or even if anyone other shows that jailbreaking of iPhone 7 on iOS 10 is not a difficult task.

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