World’s Most Expensive SmartPhones

Expensive SmartPhones1:Goldvish “Le million”

The product is mounted designer Emmanuel Gueit 120 carat diamond VVS-1. As the company’s products Goldvish (Switzerland).

Goldvish fully equipped with basic features of the phone but does not support Wi-Fi technology.

Goldvish “Le million” new right is “cricket” world’s most expensive.

Expensive SmartPhones2:Vertu Diamond

The phone is made from platinum and inlaid with diamonds and platinum. 

This handset is limited to 200 units.

Phone works on three GSM frequency bands, polyphonic ringtones, 1000 phonebook, save 100 SMS, USB connections, sending SMS, MMS and e-mail.

Expensive SmartPhones3:Motorola V220 Special Edition

Motorola V220 is dedicated to the “big stars” of Hollywood or sports athletes the world. 

HP 1200 is plated and diamond encrusted keyboard 18 carat gold.

Phone 3-band operation GSM, ringtones mp3, 1.8MB internal memory, USB connectivity, VGA camera (640×480).

Expensive SmartPhones4:Gold Edition Nokia 8800 Phone

Nokia 8800 Gold made from 24K gold. 

The phone possesses 0.5 megapixel SVGA camera, 64MB internal memory, video recording and 180 minutes of talk time. 

Impressive is the only Gold Edition is supplied with a carrying case and charging stand very special.

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