How to Watch YouTube on your Big Screen TV with Smartphone Navigation

Since its debut, YouTube Leanback (or YouTube TV) was presented as the interface to watch YouTube on our TV or large monitor. And over time, has improved considerably. Yesterday I came to take a look back and I was very surprised to see how much they had improved the service.

YouTube TV?

Here is a video explaining it all:

So, this is an interface designed to be simple to navigate without a mouse and only using the keyboard (or your smartphone / tablet, as discussed below) as a remote control. Since its appearance in 2010, YouTube Leanback has improved considerably. Now, for example, all available videos streamed in HTML5 which greatly improves compatibility with browsers.

But the most interesting of the service is when you join our smartphone / tablet to use either as a remote control. Among the options, find the option to “Pair”.

When we entered, we give the necessary: we must go from your mobile then “pair” and  enter the code that appears on the screen and immediately we will be controlling to YouTube from your smartphone. Watch the video for further instructions.

The service is great if you have a Media Center PC, or any device with a browser connected to the TV then you can enjoy YouTube videos and control it remotely. They can even use a tablet (iPad / Android) connected to the TV, or those PCs the size of a USB memory and control it with other smartphones.

Definitely an excellent alternative to conventional interface just run YouTube  and struggling with navigation:

Watch Now

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