Tips to Remove Scratches on the Touch Screen of iPad or Tablet

We have quite a touch phone and tablet computer screen using the patch and the outer shell to protect your equipment. But these accessories are also very easy to keep the dust located between the back and covers the phone. The small particles can cause scratches and then can form cracks in the glass of the touch screen.

This inadvertently worsen the beauty of a smartphone / tablet and also very annoying to the user if their sleek device has a few scratches.

Method 1:

To overcome the consequences that brings scratches, you need to prepare a clean, soft cloth (preferably with specialized cloth to wipe the camera), soft and smooth rough paper you can earn the most (when set hand you do not feel the grain of the paper), a glass of water and about 1 tablespoon of cerium oxide (material used to polish glass and stone, also known as rare earth).

Tips to Remove Scratches on the Touch Screen of iPad or Tablet- items

The process of scratches will be divided into two parts dealing with deep scratches recognize writing by hand and handle minor wound can only be identified by looking at the glass tilted.

For deep scratches, you cut paper into smaller pieces assembled. Next you take a piece of paper moistened with water and wipe a small assembly parts scratched with moderate force.Wiped with a tissue when you assemble remember the scratches wet with water and avoid water reached the openings of the machine and going into the unit.

You then use a piece of paper and put up another assembly scratched area and then use fingers to gently press it several times, water and rough paper will combine together to fade scars. You do it in about 2 to 4 minutes.

The scratches will be less but still can see by looking at the screen and you will be inclined to switch to the next stage.

The scratch will be treated with rare earths, this is the kind of material is used a lot in high-tech products like computers and phones.

You grind it up into small rare earth powder form and mixed in water to form a liquid slurry.

Next, use a dry cloth absorbent liquid mud and wipe up the spot scratched several times.Finally you can use a clean towel to wipe the stain again and enjoy his new phone.

Method 2:

Can our iPad to be pretty but they are also relatively sensitive. Just be careful not to scratch and fills.Fortunately the problem is solved easily. All you need is to use one’s Gelaskin.

The Gelaskin is a durable cover various projects that protect our beloved device from erosion. In addition comes in countless designs. So be sure to find one that expresses you!

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