Tablet Windows 8 in the Third Quarter from Acer and Lenovo

Tablet Windows 8 in the third quarter from Acer and Lenovo

According to a new report, Two of the leading manufacturers of personal computers i.e. Acer and Lenovo are preparing to launch their own tablet Windows 8 during the 3rd quarter. Citing unnamed sources from the supply chain in Asia, DigiTimes indicates that computer manufacturers are working on new tablets that will run the Windows 8 and will be equipped with the upcoming chipset of Intel “Clover Trail”. 

Intel is expected to showcase a variety of Medfield-Powered smartphones and tablet at the Consumer Electronics Show next week, but the chip Clover Trail, considered by such manufacturers as a more powerful option that will offer better performance and more economical energy consumption. The DigiTimes last week had said that devices which use the Clover Trail of Intel, will not make its appearance until the fourth quarter of this year, but the website now provides a new schedule for the platform from Intel.

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