A Solar Charger for all Gadgets

Solar Charger for Gadgets -1

Solar Charger 700-BTS006 of Sanwa is able to recharge the battery of a iPhone , an Android smartphone or even a tablet thanks to its capacity 4000 mAh. 

An indicator shows the battery level of the terminal to which the device is connected. Besides solar energy to recharge a battery, you can also use the electricity supplied, for example, a USB cable from an AC adapter.

To speed up load times, it is possible to add solar panels to 700-BTS006 (¥ 1,480 / € 13.80 extra solar panel. 7 x 65 x 120 mm). We can “chain” up to seven small panels.

Thus, if the loading terminal requires 16 hours with some sunshine, it will take more than seven hours with seven additional panels.

Note that the 700-BTS006 is equipped with an LED lamp. The handle can be held easily or attach it to a bag, a window … It also comes with a carabiner and two suction cups, which allow it to attach to a window or the dashboard of a car while charging a device. Dimensions: 91.5 x 171 x 25 mm. 225 g.Price: ¥ 5,980 (approx. € 55.94).

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