SabPub: A Mac Trojan Discovers by Karpersky After Flashback

SabPubIf last week was the name of Flashblack which resonated strongly with Apple as the malware more dangerous than had been found to date in a few hours will have to add a new name, SabPub. A Trojan found by Karpersky with two possible variants and spreads (again) through Java .

And is that the security firm have sounded the alarm with the malwareBackdoor.OSX.SabPub.a (abbreviated as SabPub) on Mac OS X, which uses a Java exploit to infect the Mac remotely connecting to a website and then take screenshots and command execution .

Costin Raiu was the researcher who has found firm SabPub. It does so in a time when up to 600,000 Macs worldwide were infected by the appearance of Flashback through a vulnerability in Java and being able to get user passwords and information which browsers people use and applications.

To differentiate Flashback of SabPub Raiu has provided information. SabPub has at least two variants including one that dates back to February. It is also believed that the Trojan is delivered through targeted attacks and not generalized as in Flashback, why you should limit your ability to mass attack.

The malware would be spread through Microsoft Word documents , which exploit the CVE-2009-0563 in Office for Mac

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