How to Remove Ads From YouTube


The Youtube advertising has become increasingly heavy in recent times and it is clear that more than one of us has reason to be upset about this situation. Today it is virtually impossible to play a video without finding an advertisement on or prior to it. However, today I will show you some ways to remove advertisements YouTube .

Removing Chrome advertising on YouTube

Skip ads on YouTube

Skip ads on YouTube is an extension for Google Chrome that allows us to remove the advertising of this famous video site. This application says legally block advertising offers a new button to ignore advertising.

Once you’ve installed Skip ads on YouTube in your browser Chrome, a new button will be inserted after the site’s search bar. Whenever you want to omit an advertisement for YouTube all you have to do is touch the button and the same will disappear.

Despite being a manual option to avoid advertising is a good choice because ultimately gives us the power to decide what advertising we see and what not.

Options YouTube

Another good option is to call this extension to Chrome Options YouTube that allows us, among all possibilities disable all advertising placed there.

With this extension we can control most things we do within the site. However, to not be very extensive, I will clarify that it can remove YouTube ads that are within the videos as those that appear prior to the videos.

How to remove ads from YouTube in Firefox

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is not just a Firefox extension to block advertisements from YouTube but also serves to block advertising from any site. Adblock Plus is a complete defense against all advertisements and pop ups that may appear while browsing the Internet.

On YouTube, Adblock Plus allows us to disable both the ads inside videos and those that are played before them. Adblock Plus is a free add-on for Firefox that can be descargadoa from now.

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