PayPal Announces Mobile Payment System “PayPal Here” (Video)

PayPal Here

PayPal officially announced yesterday PayPal Here, a new payment system is designed to help small businesses to easily integrate charges mobile devices.

The well-known online payment company owned by eBay showed the blue adapter that you see in the picture that “snaps” into the headphone jack of the iPhone and works with the corresponding application for iOS and later for Android.

Users can spend their credit card into the appropriate slot of the adapter topping thus their transactions quickly and easily. The work with the PayPal VISA, American Express, Discover and MasterCard claiming credit and debit cards while allowing users to request an invoice and monitor transactions.

To greater advantage, as you understand, PayPal Here’s a link to the corresponding proposal Square is the large user base of over 100 million in 190 countries around the world. So far, however, PayPal Here are available in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Hong Kong.

You can learn more about PayPal Here through the official company website here . For now see the video:

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