Official Twitter Client with Support for Retina Displays, Although not Officially

I will not go on arguing about the attitude of the heads of Twitter which is the popular social network, so that our fellow Engadget give us all the information. As the changes to third-party clients , etc. But I would like, for all we use the official client for Mac, show my displeasure. And it had to be through third party Twitter for Mac has support for retina displays .

Users of a MacBook Pro 15 “Retina display or the new MacBook Pro 13″ with retina display that had used the official client was seen as not suited for what the interface should not look like.

Thanks to the work of Mert Deniz Edincik we can enjoy a version adapted for the resolution retina.Although some items still have the old one. But it’s something.

Certainly, I think that might bother and adapt the application for those users. Then between this and other policies if finally I wont bet on . Although while I recommend using another client and if you do not mind the price, buy Tweetbot .

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