New Leaked Images Represent the Thought Behind iPad 3

New images are thought of iPad 3

iPad 3 (right) compared with iPad 2 (left).

According to this picture, the new generation iPad could double the battery life as previous rumors.

An image was recently leaked to the iPad iPad 3 shows the next generation will probably not change styles with iPad 2. However, sources said trangRepair Labscho iPad 3 will have a bigger battery for better duration iPad 2.

Repair Labs said the “guts” of the iPad 3 will be disturbed the position to create a space for larger batteries iPad 2. This information is consistent with previous rumors that iPad 3 will have double the battery current iPad.

Also, the camera position is also changed for the iPad 3 will have a number of design tweaks in the know can ngoai.Repair Labscho new iPad will have higher resolution screen than the iPad 2. It could be a Retina screen (2048 x 1536 pixels) that Apple uses for the iPhone iPhone 4 and 4S.

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