iTunes 11 – A Bird Eye View (Updated with Download Links)

After making us suffer a longer wait than expected iTunes 11 is finally available for download. We find a player completely redesigned plus the new organization of the Store and many new features of iCloudAll the latest news within the article.

Redesigned player and other news from the graphic point of view

New views

You’ll find it easily, with new views of iTunes. Looking for an album? Click on Music and see them all. Do the same with movies, apps and everything else.Everything is much more intuitive.

A wider view

Choose an album to open it and instantly see all the songs, then click Play to listen to them and meanwhile continues to look for other music, no need to go to the library. And if you want to buy other albums like, check out the tips in the “In Store”.

New Mini Player

Inside the Mini Player, even smaller, many functions have been concentrated.Now you just click the Next button to display the next tracks being played. And if what you see is not what you want to hear, you can choose a different song without having to open the library.

Extra features

In the Store you will always find good advice. Select an album, artist or genre you like: iTunes will suggest similar music that maybe you did not know yet.Know what you want to hear? The new Next in iTunes allows you to line up the songs you choose to listen to them now or later.

A whole new look to the Store

New design

The iTunes Store has been completely redesigned. Now he has the same look on all your devices: Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone and iPod touchSections in the comfortable, easy to browse, find music, movies and more. And all the functions you already know are even more comfortable to use. The best shopping is like that: simple.

History previews

Do you want to find a song you listened to a preview or a movie that you watched the trailer? It’s easy: click on the “History of the thumbnails” for a quick overview of all the songs and movies that you have a look. iCloud shall keep the history of your previews on all devices. So, if you listen to a song while you’re out, you’ll find waiting for you on your home computer: ready to listen or to buy.

iCloud makes more and more

Press play and go

With iCloud you can access your content on all your devices. If you buy a song or album from a device, it will be immediately available in your iTunes library on your Mac or PC. Double-click on the Play, and the concert begins. If you know that you can not connect to the Internet, for example, because you’re about to get on a plane, click the Download button to download what you want to hear.

And ‘possible to upgrade directly from Mac AppStore or Apple Sofware Update for Windows , or from the website .

Here are the direct links to download iTunes 11:

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