iPhone 5 With E-ink Screen on the Back with a Special Cover! (Video)

It’s called popSLATE and actually add a second screen to your iPhone 5.Thanks to this ingenious cover which provide us a screen in grayscale to be used for multiple purposes on the back of the iPhone!

The white cover popSLATE of just 75 grams per iPhone 5 integrates a real e-ink screen used in several different ways. The screen in grayscale mode is constructed of a material resistant to wear and tear.

The iPhone 5 will in fact have a second screen that can be used to display images and then customize the cover at any time with a different photo, or the most interesting functions such as reading notifications, missed calls, messages and so on. You can interact with the screen displaying different pages, or photos with the accelerometer of: in the video that we show below with two touches you operate the buttons.

The screen will draw additional power from the door Lightning, while the functions and settings are septate thanks to a special application. To recharge the iPhone will use micro-USB port, audio jack and speaker and remain accessible.

popSLATE is a project of crowd funding which has already reached 500 orders in a short time. The first units were sold at $ 79, now there are packages from $ 99, or those intended to be sold to large distributors.

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