Interesting Information on the A5 Chip of New Apple TV

A5 Chip of New Apple TV

Chipworks  has dissected the new Apple TV and made some interesting discoveries.

For starters, the chip is 41% smaller than an iPhone 4S. Apparently Apple and Samsung use a finer engraving guarantee of lower unit prices.  

If the new A5 viewed under a microscope also embeds two hearts, not the Apple TV would use a.Obviously this is enough to fulfill its role and it allows Apple to other major economies, recycling processors A5 which one of two hearts is defective. Previously, these chips (of unknown proportions but not negligible) went in the trash. 

With these choices, Apple is definitely back in an industrial management of its chips identical to that of the great founders which is not surprising given the tens or hundreds of millions of processors that the company will produce its own and consumes year (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV).

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