New High Tech Mustang Has Microsoft Xbox, Kinect and Windows Phone

New High Tech MustangLast month, Microsoft announced plans to create a sophisticated, automated car to inspire the design of such technologies by automobile manufacturers.

Eventually, through a company called West Coast Customs has managed to keep its promise and to “change the lights” in Mustang you see above. Although the appearance of referring to the ’67 Mustang, in fact it is this year’s model.

 In front of the car have been placed Kinect sensors to detect pedestrians or objects located within a certain radius. Even when away from the car, the user can monitor each time the smartphone of what happens in the field of sensors.

The dashboard is equipped with two eight Windows Tablets , one of which presents all the necessary information to the driver while the second is for surfing the Internet from the passenger. Finally, the car has a projection screen and Xbox 360 to be able to play back seat passengers.

For more details see the video below:

[Source Mashable ]

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