How Google Searches Over the Internet in Half a Second (Video)

Google will pay users for information about the visited sitesHalf a second is enough for Google to process the search terms you enter and  show all relevant sites, but the reality hiding behind the process what we see  is very much complicated. .

In the following video, the Matt Cutts of Google explains the science behind the functioning of the leading search engine in the world:

According to his words, there are three things you should do if you want to create a proper search engine:

“First, to scan the Internet and in-depth deixodika secondly to classify pages, and thirdly to show the most relevant of these.”

 Via: Mashable 

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3 Responses to How Google Searches Over the Internet in Half a Second (Video)

  1. eveningdresseswebsite

    nice post!

  2. Its a great video you share here, the most complicated algorithm is explained in a very simple and short video, Matts Cutts explanation is awesome, Thanks a lot Paracha

  3. It’s nice to know this information about how google searches the internet, but after penguin update, there is a lot of changes and only google knows it.

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