Facebook has Launched a new Dangerous Service in Secret for Users, According to IT Analysts

And that would allow unlimited access right now due to the new service, Photo Sync, which launched Facebook from Friday, without much fuss, writes Daily Mail .

Photo Sync is a platform developed by Facebook to be automatically climbs pictures on mobile phone social network.

Once they have accepted Photo Sync service, users will find all the photos already uploaded in a separate file on their behalf.

But technology site, TechCrunch writes that Photo Sync behind a new idea, not necessarily that of ease upload photos from mobile phones to social networking.

With the possibility that Facebook has automatically access your data from mobile phones will be able to create an unprecedented database of places where the photos were taken. By using face recognition service it find out who you were and quoted website says that they use a system of recognition of brands that appear in photographs, suggesting that consumption habits of the users, what they eat, what they wear and what serving drinks will be sold on to customers.

In my Opinion this service will  Play an Important rule to Break Relation of friends  and separation of Husband and wife.What you think ?

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