New Engine for Travel in Time at 5 x Speed of Sound

One step closer to citizens traveling in space brings a UK company who designed an engine that could be used in vessels that can reach up space. Indeed, the European Space Agency is satisfied the tests required for engine development called Sabre. 

According to Reaction Engines based in Oxfordshire the engine uses a heat exchanger that cools the air from 1,000 at -150 degrees Celsius to a hundredth of a second (six times faster than the opening-closing of the eyes) . This allows the engine to have more power than today’s engines without being threatened by dissolution or overheating. New engine is expected to be used in the Skylon, allowing the jet you see in the fourth photo to reach an altitude of 25 km at a speed of Mach 5 (five times the speed of sound). 

The Sabre will use hydrogen as fuel and is designed to be used as jet engine to the atmosphere and rocket in layers above it. According to ESA (European Space Agency) this engine could even be used to send satellites into space and at less cost than today. 

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