Codex LCD Cube: Unique Idea to Encode Time in 3D

Codex LCD Cube - Unique Idea to Encode Time in 3D

TokyoFlash has introduced a clock extremely unique and innovative on their home page under the name Codex Cube. Codex clock with three LCD display, which gives his face looks like a sign of aliens.

To see time with the Codex Cube, you need to learn how to use the and symbols are encoded separately for Codex Cube. Start with the top left of the screen for the display of hours, the right screen for displaying seconds and the bottom screen for displaying minutes. Codex Cube Designer explained some unique features of the clock face: 

“The display is LCD for Codex Cube, inspired Kisai Unlimited 3D displays. Using the figure shown is triangular instead of rectangular, we can display simultaneously on the same 2-digit surface, showing the changes the second time. “

Codex LCD Cube

Unfortunately Codex Cube is now just an idea, though TokyoFlash will proceed to vote on the home page for comments on Codex Cube making a reality.

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