AssistantConnect4S Enables Siri On Non iPhone 4S Devices Without Proxy Server

AssistantConnect4S Enables Siri On Non iPhone 4S Devices Without Proxy Server

Siri has invariably been one in every of those things that has sprung up within the jailbreak community. If you don’t have it however wish it, there are many ways to travel concerning achieving this. you’ll be able to either purchase a server and let the sellers do all the work to stay the servers quick and reliable. Or, you’ll be able to do it yourself. And that’s specifically what we have a tendency to are about to show you these days.

If you have got a disciple or a friend with an iPhone 4S that’s jailbroken, you’ll be able to get Siri on your non-iPhone 4S device. All you wish to try to to is follow this tutorial/video and you’ll have Siri on your device.

AssistantConnect4S Birth Siri On Non iPhone 4S Devices Without Proxy Server

  • Make sure you put in the tweak AssistantConnect4S on the iPhone 4S and as for the non-4S device, install AssistantConnect.
  • Open AssistantConnect4S on the 4S device, then use Siri (you will say anything) then shut Siri and opt for the “Email Siri Data” possibility and email it to yourself or to your friend with the non-4S.
  • Open the e-mail on the non-4S device and faucet on the attachment. Open it in AssistantConnect.
  • If you’re on the non-4S finish of this tutorial, you’ll got to disable many things with Spire. Get SBSettings and faucet on “more”. Then navigate to “Mobile Substrate Addons” and disable “SpireHooks” and “SpireInjector”. attend the home screen and also the device ought to respiring.
  • And you must currently have connectivity! Cheers!

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