Artificial Intelligence:The Implementation Proved Smarter than 96% of People

Artificial Intelligence -The Implementation Proved Smarter than 96p of People

The artificial intelligence is an elusive so far dream for computer scientists. Others believe it is imminent, others that will never be achieved. Despite the difficulties, but no one leaves the battle and there are few times that the efforts of researchers have tangible results.

One of these is the effort of scientists from the University of Gothenburg who created an application that managed to get 150 score in IQ tests incurred. The party guest for humans is 100 which means that the program is smarter than 96% of the human population.

For a program to achieve a high score on such tests are not abundant enough computing power. It is necessary to interpret and manage data in a manner similar to that of man. To the extent that we succeed and so, which areas could be used are endless. Such as analyzing financial data.

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