Who Donated the Gold Bar of 1kg, Collected from Charity Box ?

Who Donated the Gold Bar of 1kg, Collected from Charity BoxGold bars worth $ 50,000.

A gold nugget weighing 1kg was removed in the charity box in the city of Brest in Belarus, ONT TV channel reported the country.

When opening charity boxes, placed at a grocery store to raise money for the Orthodox church, people have found gold ingots.

Gold bars worth $ 50,000 was put in cuttings charity with genuine certificates. It is not clear who has the merit of this fortune.

According to a security staff of the store, a middle-aged man left gold bar into charity boxes.He previously tried merit gold bullion directly to a local church to look after this he refused to accept.

A local church officials say nearly enough assets to cover the construction of a new church.

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