World`s First SSRS Based Plug and Play Reports Management Tool in C#


SSRS Reports

Plug and Play Reports Management Tool.

SSRS provide very Complex Report Management Features and Not user friendly. (i.e  Highly Experience BI Expert is Required for its Management).

 and  The Basic Objective behind our Software is to make SSRS More Enjoyable and Cost Effective.

It is Plug and Play Business Intelligence tool for Reporting in large /Medium or  Small Organizations which is  based on SSRS (SQL Server Reporting server). It can mange Different  Department with different user Rights.


Our tool is the first tool in the world for SSRS, that Provide Secured, User Friendly, Flexible, Portable and Real time Report Management (Development and Visualization) Environment  for less Technical Guys. which is developed in (C#) by me and my team after 7 month`s Hard work and Dedication.

It Supports Heterogeneous Databases, Automatic Parameter Dialogs, Rights Mgt. on Reports etc.

It is a Generic and fully Customizable Tool.

It is very Strong Part , that the Parameters are Automatically Managed at Designed Time by Parameter Specification.
i.e. The Parameter are Stored with Report and  our the Report manager Automatically Render them.
It has following advantages:
1-No need to Write Code in Report Viewer Web Page (at Application Side) for Parameters Extraction (Like Drop down,Calender , Multiple Check box List).
2-Parameters can be Added or Modified or removed , With out Writing Code at Application Side.
3-The Drop down list parameter can be Populated from data set Generated even from heterogeneous Database. or using hard coded list.
4-The Parameters value can also be taken from user.
5-The Drop down list parameter can be load Conditionally.(i.e for specific Client, For Specific Country, or for specific Airline).
6-Also Allow Developer to write own code for parameters in C#.
7-Silent Parameters are also  Available. (i.e. Automatically Passed Value to Report form Calling Environment).

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