“Safe” Galaxy Note 7 Explodes to Shame Samsung, Injures User and Destroys Apple’s Macbook Pro Eventually

Samsung boils in hot water as the last week was quite “Unpleasant” for the company due to fatal explosions of its new flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 7. After a number of incidents and loud cries from Note 7 users, Samsung decided to recall the nasty units by launching Replacement Campaign worldwide. The users took a sigh of relief and smartphone world took it a clever move by the company to  rebuild its reputation. But…it seems the hard times for Samsung is not over…….as one of the “Safe” Galaxy Note 7 user reports that its device exploded at spot ……injured him and destroyed his Macbook  Pro eventually.



The affected person and owner of replaced Galaxy Note 7 is a 25-year-old named Hui Renjie, and belongs to China.

Just after the release of Samsung’s safe smartphone Galaxy Note 7, Renjie bought a unit from an online retailer over the weekend. He assumed that Samsung’s worldwide recall would have implemented and purchased or stock units would have been replaced with new safe Galaxy Note 7. So he though that new Safe Note 7 would be now fit for usage without minor chance of catching fire or spontaneously exploding at spot. But it he was not true in his beliefs as his Note 7 caught fire and exploded on Monday eventually burning his two fingers and  destroying his MacBook Pro too meanwhile.

samsung galaxy note 7 explodes

samsung galaxy note 7 explodes -1

Renjie reports that Samsung was absolutely quick in responding this nasty incident as one of company’s official visited the site but failed in solving the issue as per his satisfaction;

The incident caused minor injuries to two of his fingers and burned his Apple Inc. MacBook. A Samsung representative visited him soon afterward and asked to take away the phone, he said, but he declined the offer because he doesn’t trust the company to reveal the reason for the fire, and plans to publicize the issue.

So Samsung is still boiling in hot waters and if the incident is true enough to believe that the exploded Note 7 was a safe recall unit then company’s reputation is on high risks. Samsung should have to have a full investigation for finding out the real malfunctioning in new Galaxy Note 7 hardware and should grasp the root causes of device’s explosion and catching fire habits. However, if Renjie’s Note 7 was not a replaced unit and the buyer hold it in his stock then Samsung is not responsible for any deed of an irresponsible retailer and should not be blamed as well.

In spite going into true/false debate ; all owners of Galaxy Note 7 (either original or replaced unit) should remain extremely careful during its usage.

Stay tuned with us to know about what Korean company says  about this reported incident.

(Source: CNN Money)

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